Graduate Assessment Centres

When hiring a Graduate, Trainee (or any other position where there are likely to be multiple candidates, and you are going to invest significant training time), it is essential to ensure the candidate you are hiring is the best long term fit for your company and culture.

Often graduates are inexperienced at conventional interviews, which lead to the best interviewer being selected for a job, not the best candidate. Also, it is important to highlight Graduates high in interpersonal skills, relationship building and not solely academically focused, which can be identified through Pearl’s testing methods.

Interviewing graduates can be a timely exercise, and often only a handful of graduates are selected to interview, usually based on academic results and brief work history. Pearl would invite all candidates to participate in the assessment centre, ensuring you get the best possible graduate, and don’t miss any hidden gems!

Assessment centres provide a detailed way to analyse a potential candidate against key skills required in the job. Graduates are presented with real working examples, and often put outside of their comfort zone requiring working under stress. Working under stressful situations is often a key part of the job, however, very rarely do conventional interviews place candidates outside of their comfort zone. Pearl can customise the testing to suit your needs, and provides a detailed report based format on the performance of Graduates in the assessment centre.

Testing Provided

  • Written Report Writing
  • Attention to Detail (Written and Numerical)
  • Team Work / Problem Solving
  • Interpersonal Presentation
  • Personality Profiling

Benefits to Employers

  • Ensure you get the best possible candidate available (not the best interviewer)
  • Peace of mind before the substantial training investment into Graduates
  • Reduce the chance of hiring poor company fits, or candidates not suited to your industry
  • Strongly enhance the prospects of employing long term future leaders
  • Pearl can run the assessment centre at our CBD premises thus avoiding any impact on your day-to-day operations
  • Pearl will present all tested candidates for review in an easy to read and detailed format
  • Pearl will coordinate and facilitate the entire process
  • After initial briefing, minimum input required
  • Fair hourly or project based rates quoted upfront
  • No hidden charges
  • Significantly reduction in staff turnover

Contact us for further information on the above services and to obtain a detailed quote.