Frequently Asked Questions

In some cases, yes. If the work is ongoing, we can assist with paying for tickets on a case by case basis.

Yes. For our ongoing jobs, we provide our contractors with PPE.

Yes, with our candidates that we are on-boarding Pearl will cover the cost of medicals and drug and alcohol screens.

Yes you do. As our Consultants have planned diaries it is best not to come in unannounced, as you may have to wait a long time to see a Consultant, or the appropriate Consultant for you may be absent or working remotely. The most effective way to gain an appointment would be to send your CV through or telephone first.

Not necessarily. As Pearl has a large workforce we are able to negotiate on mass for pay increases for our workers. We can also greatly assist in the negotiation period prior to employment as we are trusted by our clients for our remuneration advice.

Yes you can. However, you cannot “sub-contract” the work elsewhere. We will produce an Independent Contractor Agreement with the full details included, but the short answer is Yes!

The bulk of our contractors are paid weekly, and the longest pay period is fortnightly. This depends on the client that you are working for.

For high volume positions like shutdown trades, this may be very regularly. For other niche roles it may be not as often. If at any time you are receiving too many or not enough notifications, you can call the office to discuss.

Yes. We let me know the client name and gain your permission before we send your CV anywhere.

Yes you can. However, you should be careful with what agencies you register with and that not too many are direct competitors with the same client base.

A better question may be “Why shouldn’t I register with Pearl”! As per above, you gain access to extra jobs than what is on job boards, and it is free. There is no requirement to reply to our mail outs, and we aim to make the process as easy as we can for our candidates.

Pearl receives new jobs daily from our network of clients. We send out email alerts to our database for every job we receive. We can also assist you with some tips on how to best write your CV, and market yourself for employment.

No, it is free to register and there is no charge to any job applicant or contractor that applies or works via Pearl.