Frequently Asked Questions

Our aim is to provide our workers with access to full time employment, so we will encourage where possible employers to engage contractors permanently after a period via Pearl. The length of time will vary depending on the nature of the assignment and will be discussed up front.

We will accept job orders from a minimum of 4 hours work.

There is technically no notice required as a casual operates on a shift by shift basis. We encourage both clients and candidates to provide 1 week notice to offer both parties certainty on the assignment.

Pearl are transparent with all the rates that we pay to our workers, and in most cases we negotiate this in line with what clients directly pay workers. We are bound by Fair Work legislation and are always up to date on the latest Awards, and conducting Better Off Overall Tests (BOOT), ensure we are paying above market rates for all jobs.

Our database contains over 100,000 candidate records, compiled since 2010. These are easily searched and allow Pearl a significantly larger candidate base than any jobs board.

Currently we advertise all jobs on this site! Plus, and

We do not offer refunds, however, as per above our Credit Note policy is industry leading (most other agencies only offer 12 months), so you will not be left out of pocket.

Whilst we would encourage all clients to work with Pearl exclusivity with finding a replacement candidate, there may be a time where this is not practical. If we cannot find a replacement candidate, we offer a Credit Note which can be used against any future position (no expiry date).

We offer a 3 month replacement guarantee. This means that if the person resigns or is deemed unsuitable, you will be provided with a replacement candidate free of charge.

Whilst offering one set price would make things easier, the fee will depend largely on the time and complexity of the assignment. We also tailor every assignment to the client needs, so there is no one size fits all with our service delivery. Our fees are highly competitive and there is no fee for a quote.

Our main industries are within Engineering, Construction, Maintenance and Manufacturing and all the white and blue workers that are employed within these sectors.

Just like no two business’ are the same, no two recruitment agencies are the same. From service, price, range and dedication, Pearl strive to offer the best industry service possible.

Not necessarily. Whilst the initial recruitment costs may be slightly less, you need to factor in the time cost by your Reception (candidates calling in), your Hiring Manager’s time (dealing with enquiries from unsuitable candidates). If you are not taking every telephone enquiry, you are missing potential candidates. Pearl consultants have mobile phone numbers on adverts and take every enquiry to ensure we allow all available candidates the ability to apply and answer questions in a confidential setting. The cost of recruiting the wrong staff (because you did not canvass every potential candidate) is significant in both the short, medium and long term. Replacing, retraining and loss of intellect property are some of the most expensive costs to business’, which can far outweigh the initial agency cost.

Using a recruitment agency gives you the widest choice of candidates available. Pearl are able to obtain information early in the process such as salary, notice period, motivators for moving employment etc. which can save a lot of wasted time from interviewing unsuitable candidates. Pearl responds both timely and professionally to all applicants which protects your company brand.