Contractor & Labour Hire

How does this work

  1. It all starts with a call or an email to Pearl Recruitment.
  2. Pearl will arrange a meeting to learn more about exactly what you seeking for in a new employee. This will include both the candidate experience requirements and the cultural and personality fit.
  3. Pearl will externally advertise, contact previously registered candidates and search through third party databases such as Seek Profiles and LinkedIn. During this stage, Pearl is actively marketing your business to prospective candidates to get them excited about the opportunity to hand.
  4. Pearl present you a shortlist of suitable candidates (this can be as many or as little as you require) which includes reference checks and verifications of qualifications.
  5. You have the option on whether you would like to interview the prospective contractor, or simply have them commence work.
  6. Once the candidate is selected and they commence work, Pearl will issue you with a Work Order, which specifies the rates to the contractor and the charge rates to your company.
  7. Pearl engages the contractor as covers all statutory costs such as Payroll Tax, Superannuation, withholds PAYG and takes full responsibility for the payroll of the contractor, included all required Insurances.

Benefits of using a contractor

Productivity – Ensure all work deadlines are achieved and productivity remains constant

Flexibility – Pearl can engage and terminate a contract assignment at the of any work shift.

Risk – Mitigate against unfair dismissal and workers compensation claims, forced redundancy or unsuitable employee (wrong team fit) for new hires. Coverage of ABN / PTY LTD contractors for full insurances.

Cost – Contractors are only paid for hours worked, and there is no requirement to be paid for “down time”.

Ease – Pearl will handle all pay rolling responsibilities, so there is no need to adjust your insurance register, and set up new employees for short term durations.

Pearl will also advise contract workers when they are and aren’t required for work. 


  • Leave Coverage (Annual / Sick / Maternity / Stress)
  • Unsure about the work flow for a permanent employee? – Hire them as a temp first, and bring them across to permanent once you are sure of the work demands
  • Unsure if a new employee is going to affect the team? – Try them as a temp first!
  • Sudden resignation and looking for permanent replacement – Employ a Temp whilst searching for a full time worker
  • Yard / Site Clean Up – Employ: Labourers, Truck Driver
  • Office relocation – Employ: Packers, Truck Driver, Labourers
  • Short Term expert hire Employ: Drafter, IT, Accountant, Auditor, HR, Recruiter, Graphic Designer
  • Promotional Event Employ: Event Assistants, Packers
  • Training Day / External Function – Employ: Receptionist, Phone Coverage

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