The forced redundancy of once valuable employees is never an easy task, and one of the toughest and most unpleasant duties faced by Management and Human Resources professionals.

Redundancies have a traumatic effect on employee’s lives and their families, and thus require a substantial investment of time and effort to equip employees for re-employment. Prolonged unemployment can trigger depression and other mental illness, therefore, it is imperative that as much as possible can be done to transition employees back into employment.

If not handled correctly, redundancies can also lead to industrial relations issues and unwanted union involvement. Research has shown that compensation claims and union involvement is minimised where the employee has been able to find a new job quickly, and where assistance has been provided by the former employer Pearl has developed a suite of services to assist with what will hopefully be a swift and effortless transition for your ex-employees into a new role. 


  1. It all starts with a call or an email to Pearl Recruitment.
  2. Appropriate Pearl Representative will discuss in depth the nature of the redundancy, the type of workers affected and specifically what your company is trying to best achieve by engaging a redundancy provider.
  3. Pearl tailors a solution that best suits your business and offers a fixed price quotation.  

Services Provided

  • Career counselling and re-training
  • Job Seeking advice and training
  • How to write a Cover Letter and Resume
  • Interview preparations 
  • Reverse marketing to prospective employers (where applicable)
  • Exit interviews 

Benefits to Employers

  • Eliminate stress with redundant staff by maintaining a positive work environment
  • Exit interviews with a neutral third party will ensure former employees are more open and honest about their experiences, providing excellent feedback to help your company become an employer of choice 
  • Reduce the chance of potential discrimination and union action claims 
  • Protect company brand and reputation by reducing employee resentment
  • Getting redundant workers back into work immediately to achieve positive mental state

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