Permanent Recruitment Solutions

Contingency Recruitment

An on-going process of database searching and placement of job advertisements from which it is anticipated that a suitable candidate will be sourced. Fees payable are based on a percentage of annual salary. The fee will vary based on the likely time spent and complexity of the assignment. The fee payable is “contingent” on a candidate being referred by Pearl and successfully placed into employment. This method is common practice across many industries and targeted at professionals at all levels. It is popular with clients who may only want to pay a fee for a successful outcome.

Search and Select Recruitment

This is commonly used in instances where a given vacancy is likely to attract a very large response from advertising. The fee associated is negotiated on engagement of this service as a one off flat fee. The fee will vary depending on the service level required as well as the type of vacancy being recruited. This method is used when a position is easy to fill, and Pearl is engaged to assist with the shortlisting, screening and selection of a candidate.

Targeted Headhunting/Executive Search

This is a focused process of identifying, sourcing and selecting a small pool of well qualified candidates for any given role. This type of recruitment can be conducted on a retained basis (i.e. portion of fee paid up front, at shortlist and on acceptance) or as an agreed percentage of actual salary. This is commonly used in either executive level vacancies or any vacancy where there is a very small pool of potentially available candidates. Pearl will work closely with the client in order to professionally approach potential candidates of interest.