Verification Services

Before you commit to hiring a new staff member, it is important to be thorough and complete a comprehensive background check on the new employee. Unfortunately, this is an extremely time consuming task which most Managers or Internal Human Resources do not have the time to complete.

Often the only verification checks completed is a quick reference check of usually a couple of referees the candidate has nominated that will “say something good about them”. It is common knowledge these types of reference checks can be largely ineffective and offers a very limited verification of backgrounds; however, often nothing is done about this.

By utilising a third party (Pearl), the emotion can be removed from the hiring process, and you can receive additional unbiased information to achieve a better outcome for the company.

Pearl can provide the following checks

  • Qualification checks – ensure all qualifications are legitimate and have been achieved
  • Employment verification – ensure all employment dates listed on a CV are correct, reason for leaving, and reference from direct Managers
  • Police Clearance
  • Medical and Drug and Alcohol Screen
  • Drivers Licence check
  • Social media check

Benefits to employers

  • Have a comprehensive knowledge of the person you are about to hire
  • Peace of mind that the employee has been truthful and honest on their CV
  • Reduce the amount of unsuitable or bad hires

Contact us for further information on the above services and to obtain a detailed quote.